10 of the most famous professional psychic mediums

There are many famous psychic mediums in the world. These are the people that use psychic senses to understand messages from the spiritual realm and higher dimensions. These people can provide future predictions and psychic guidance and also relay messages from lost loved ones. Here is a list of the most famous psychic mediums today:

#1 John Edward

He is one of the most psychic mediums in the world. His client ranges from young students to old professors. He has captivated audiences across the world with his prophecies. His clients have to wait for two years to get a private session with him.

#2 Chip Coffey


He was born in New York. He has given many TV interviews and has worked with real life ghost hunters in the TV series Paranormal State.

#3 George Anderson


He has helped many grieving families to communicate with their loved ones in heaven. He has been communicating with spirits since his childhood.

#4 Theresa Caputo


She started seeing and sensing spirits since she was four years old. But she started communicating with the spirits after she was 20. She has hosted popular TV shows and is one of the most famous psychic mediums of today.

#5 Allison Dubois


She has inspired the TV show ‘Medium’. She has written a number of books about afterlife. Her book ‘Don’t Kiss Them Good-bye’ has been quite popular.

# 6 Maureen Hancock


She started communicating with the dead after a car accident in 1992. She was born in Massachusetts and is well known for her great sense of humor.

#7 John Holland


He is a naturally gifted psychic medium. He studied metaphysics and is being trained by the top psychic mediums. The audiences love his charismatic personality.

#8 Michael Whitedove


She was the first person to prove her supernatural ability on television. She is the most tested medium in America. She is naturally gifted from childhood.

#9 Charmaine Wilson


She got to know about her supernatural ability after her father’s death in 1999. She had many difficulties in life; she lost her brother and 4 year old daughter in tragic accidents. She has dedicated most of her life to giving correct information about the spirit world to her clients.

#10 Anthon St. Maarten


He is a very inspirational speaker and a spiritual author. His areas of interest include New Thought spirituality, parapsychology, metaphysics, parapsychology, mediumship and psychic phenomena.

These mediums are all famous for their supernatural ability. They all have been tested a number of times on TVs and live shows and have proved their ability to predict future and communicate with the other world.

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