How can I tell if a psychic medium is real or a scam?

It is difficult for an average person to tell whether the psychic medium is real or fake. Scam psychic mediums can be very convincing and they are good at deceiving people. But there are certain ways you can actually tell if the medium is real or fake.

  • Fake psychic mediums ask a lot of leading questions. This way they look for clues in order to improve their guessing ability.
  • Fake psychic mediums provide general and vague messages instead of accurate evidence.
  • Fake psychic mediums and scam artists present vague, general messages rather than
  • Fake psychic mediums often claim that you are cursed and so promise to remove it for a certain fee.
  • Fake psychic mediums ask many personal information like driver’s license number, bank account numbers, social security card, passwords, etc. You should never give these out to anyone.

If a psychic medium is real he/she will tell you immediately something important about your life at the beginning of the conversation. They should be able to say something about your present circumstance. They shouldn’t need to ask you anything in detail. If they really had the supernatural power then they should be able to tell everything.

Fake psychics are all around you. You should be very careful not to fall on their traps. They will give you false information and make false promises. They are very manipulating. They can entice you into taking your personal information like bank account number and cause you financial damage.

When you decide to go to a psychic medium, learn about the person’s reputation. Try to find if someone you know has taken their service and how they feel about it. Keep in mind the suggestions provided above when you visit a psychic or psychic medium.

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