3 Early Signs That You Are Psychic

Everyone is psychic to a degree. It is how well you can tap into your own powers, how much you believe in them and can trust them that makes the difference between calling yourself psychic or calling yourself anything but!

Psychic powers are those that sense things that have not yet occurred but eventually do. These powers often kick in when a person is asleep. Some psychics have premonitions in their dreams. They may occur while a person is wide awake. For instance, they may be ready to board a plane but suddenly get a sick feeling.


Their gut instincts tell them not to get on the plane. When they honor their feeling they later discover they were right to do so as the plane experienced mechanical problems and crashed. How does a person know early on that they are more psychic than others are? There are three early signs of psychic abilities.

If, as a child, you saw people that were not there in reality but you played with these people and could describe them in detail, this was your first sign. You may now be a full-on medium or clairvoyant. Your family probably thought you were cute and playing with an imaginary friend while you knew your friends were completely real. Perhaps they were no longer alive, but they were real to you. They appeared to you just the way other people did.

Another sign you may have had early on is knowing what people were going to say before they said it. You could also tell when a person was feeling upset about something even if they acted outwardly as if everything were ok. These were your first hints at being telepathic and clairsentient.

If you found that you knew facts about people and places before you met them or visited them, your early signs pointed to you being claircognizant.

All the “clairs” makeup psychic powers. You may have also felt like an outcast as a young child when experiencing any of the things listed above. However, signs that you are more psychic than usual do not always happen when you are young.

People awaken to their psychic powers at all ages and stages in life. If you have been seeing ghosts or spirits, if you have experienced telepathy or you have sensed or known things you could not otherwise, your powers are being awakened.

Consider yourself gifted! Work on developing your powers so that you can help yourself and others in life as a lightworker.

The Everlasting Human Need For Psychic Readings

psychic reading imageThroughout history, people always yearned to learn the future ahead of them. This need is completely natural because every person desires to understand where they are going and what is waiting for them, both in their personal and professional lives. Some people reject this as impossible, but others, with a more opened mind, are willing to take a chance with special individuals who can provide them with psychic readings or a window into the future that is yet to happen. Here are the most relevant facts about this phenomenon and the role it plays in the lives of individuals who receive them.

The Need for Psychic Readings

From the domains of relationships, job and financial opportunities and health issues, knowing the things that are coming can prove to be exceedingly important, even life-saving knowledge in more extreme situations. While the cold, rational science believes that the future is unknowable, the human spirit has always been interested in all that can be found beyond the pure facts and the frigid rational thought. Here, ever since the dawn of civilization, lays the domain of psychic powers, which are believed to provide special individuals with the ability to perceive the reality around us on a completely different and heightened level. With their gift, these people are able to provide psychic readings, which are bits of information that is supposed to be precognitive in nature, meaning that it can be used to gaze into the things that did not happen.

The Long History of Psychics

From the pantheons of Ancient Greece to the monasteries of Christian and Buddhists monks and all the way to Inuit shamans and Sub-Saharan witch doctors, every culture that ever existed in any part of the world had its form of psychics. These individuals were sometimes feared and persecuted, while, in others, they were celebrated as seers of the future. As years passed by, the same talented people received varied treatments in passing historical ages and the modern times are no different. Today, some who claim to provide psychic readings have TV shows and represent true celebrities with millions of dollars of income on a yearly base, while others are a source of ridicule and are even shunned by the society. A rare few keep their gift a complete secret and are staying away from the public spotlight. All of them are not ordinary people and the thing they claim to do separate them from everyone else and all have unique lives, no matter if these lives are full of success or suffering. From this perspective, the lives of those who provide online psychic readings did not change at all in the last several thousands of years.

The Truth behind the Psychics

angel cardsNo one can answer the question “are psychics real“. But, deep in the cracks of the modern, technology-oriented world, many people desire to learn what awaits them, including heads of governments, business leaders and other powerful women and men. While many will not disclose this publicly, they regularly visit people who provide them with psychic readings. At the same time, millions of ordinary individuals do the same and procure these services online and in other contemporary forms, where the psychic readings can be easily attained. Because of all of this, it is a fact that psychic readings provide something that humanity continues to yearn for, even if no one is sure whether this phenomenon is real or not.

8 common traits of good psychic readers

Many people claim that they are good psychics, but actually they are not. Good psychic readers have some common traits. These traits will help you to judge whether the psychic is good or not. These are:

  • They put aside all their biases and personal judgments; they only do the reading. A session with a good psychic reader should uplift your feeling and not make you feel bad.
  • A good psychic reader will never frighten you. They will always encourage you to be at ease and be comfortable. They will not scare you with horrible news.
  • A good psychic will not say that he or she can break your curse. You should never give anyone money who promises to break a curse for you.
  • Psychics cannot predict death and tell you about any serious health issues.
  • Good psychics are honest. If they don’t know the answer to certain questions, they will say it upfront. They will not make it up.
  • Psychics cannot give predictions on lottery numbers or gambling tips.
  • A good psychic will give you insight but will not force any decision upon you. They will encourage you to make your decision by yourself.
  • Good psychic readers will respect a person’s spiritual and religious beliefs. They will not force their belief on someone else. They will deliver any message in a compassionate way.

The traits mentioned above are all common to good psychics. So, whenever you visit a psychic for getting help for your personal problems, look out for these traits. A poor psychic reader may give you false information. So, make sure you don’t fall into the hands of a poor or fake psychic.

How can I tell if a psychic medium is real or a scam?

It is difficult for an average person to tell whether the psychic medium is real or fake. Scam psychic mediums can be very convincing and they are good at deceiving people. But there are certain ways you can actually tell if the medium is real or fake.

  • Fake psychic mediums ask a lot of leading questions. This way they look for clues in order to improve their guessing ability.
  • Fake psychic mediums provide general and vague messages instead of accurate evidence.
  • Fake psychic mediums and scam artists present vague, general messages rather than
  • Fake psychic mediums often claim that you are cursed and so promise to remove it for a certain fee.
  • Fake psychic mediums ask many personal information like driver’s license number, bank account numbers, social security card, passwords, etc. You should never give these out to anyone.

If a psychic medium is real he/she will tell you immediately something important about your life at the beginning of the conversation. They should be able to say something about your present circumstance. They shouldn’t need to ask you anything in detail. If they really had the supernatural power then they should be able to tell everything.

Fake psychics are all around you. You should be very careful not to fall on their traps. They will give you false information and make false promises. They are very manipulating. They can entice you into taking your personal information like bank account number and cause you financial damage.

When you decide to go to a psychic medium, learn about the person’s reputation. Try to find if someone you know has taken their service and how they feel about it. Keep in mind the suggestions provided above when you visit a psychic or psychic medium.

10 of the most famous professional psychic mediums

There are many famous psychic mediums in the world. These are the people that use psychic senses to understand messages from the spiritual realm and higher dimensions. These people can provide future predictions and psychic guidance and also relay messages from lost loved ones. Here is a list of the most famous psychic mediums today:

#1 John Edward

He is one of the most psychic mediums in the world. His client ranges from young students to old professors. He has captivated audiences across the world with his prophecies. His clients have to wait for two years to get a private session with him.

#2 Chip Coffey


He was born in New York. He has given many TV interviews and has worked with real life ghost hunters in the TV series Paranormal State.

#3 George Anderson


He has helped many grieving families to communicate with their loved ones in heaven. He has been communicating with spirits since his childhood.

#4 Theresa Caputo


She started seeing and sensing spirits since she was four years old. But she started communicating with the spirits after she was 20. She has hosted popular TV shows and is one of the most famous psychic mediums of today.

#5 Allison Dubois


She has inspired the TV show ‘Medium’. She has written a number of books about afterlife. Her book ‘Don’t Kiss Them Good-bye’ has been quite popular.

# 6 Maureen Hancock


She started communicating with the dead after a car accident in 1992. She was born in Massachusetts and is well known for her great sense of humor.

#7 John Holland


He is a naturally gifted psychic medium. He studied metaphysics and is being trained by the top psychic mediums. The audiences love his charismatic personality.

#8 Michael Whitedove


She was the first person to prove her supernatural ability on television. She is the most tested medium in America. She is naturally gifted from childhood.

#9 Charmaine Wilson


She got to know about her supernatural ability after her father’s death in 1999. She had many difficulties in life; she lost her brother and 4 year old daughter in tragic accidents. She has dedicated most of her life to giving correct information about the spirit world to her clients.

#10 Anthon St. Maarten


He is a very inspirational speaker and a spiritual author. His areas of interest include New Thought spirituality, parapsychology, metaphysics, parapsychology, mediumship and psychic phenomena.

These mediums are all famous for their supernatural ability. They all have been tested a number of times on TVs and live shows and have proved their ability to predict future and communicate with the other world.